6. Jason Kidd


Jason Frederick Kidd (born March 23, 1973 in San Francisco, California)

Jason Kidd was a second overall draft pick by the Dallas Mavericks at 1994 and at the same season he was named co-rookie of the year alongside Grant Hill. He led the league in triple-doubles and helped the Mavs become the most improved team of the year by recording 36 wins and 46 losses, but bear in mind that the year before the Mavericks had the worst NBA record with 13-69.

Some of you, probably the younger ones, may think that it is unfair to rank Jason Kidd at number 6. If you do, I will have to remind you that this is his ranking for the 90s where I believe and according to his performance during that period, that there were better point guards than Jason Kidd, .

During the 90s Kidd was always at the top-ten in assists and steals per game and he led the league in assists per game in 1998-99 season with 10.8 ast.. He was a starter for the West all-stars in 1996 and a reserve in 1998. He was a member of the all-rookie team in 1994-95 season and he was voted as a member of the All-NBA first team at 1998-99 and NBA’s All-defensive team the same season.

Jason Kidd made it clear from his first season, with his game, that he was going to make have an impact on the game of basketball. He played for the Mavericks from 1994 to 1996 where he was traded to the Phoenix Suns and played alongside another great point guard of his era, Kevin Johnson.

When I think of Jason Kidd and his performances during the 90s I always have that bitter taste because I always bring back the memories of that Mavericks team and how bad it was. Kidd was never one of my favourite players, of the 90s era, but his ability to create for his teammates, the way he ran the game, his vision and especially his all-around abilities made him unique and I always respected him.

Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks
Career* 13.4 6.5 9.2 2.0 0.3
1998-99 16.9 6.8 10.8 2.3 0.4
1994-1999 13.5 6.0 9.1 2.1 0.3


* Jason Kidd is still an active player and the above career stats are representing his statistical performance until the 9th of February 2011.

Jason Kidd

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