All-90s Top-ten in Points per Game

These would be the top-ten scorers per game if 90s were a single regular season:

MJ stats 1. Michael Jordan 30.79 ppg.

karl malone stats 2.Karl Malone 27.22 ppg.

shaq stats 3. Shaquille O’Neal 27.13 ppg.

admiral stats 4. David Robinson 24.40 ppg.

ewing stats 5. Patrick Ewing 24.09 ppg.

hakeem stats 6. Hakeem Olajuwon 23.92 ppg.

dominique stats 7. Dominique Wilkins 23.52 ppg.

richmond stats 8. Mitch Richmond 23.01 ppg.

barkley stats 9. Charles Barkley 22.37 ppg.

miller stats 10. Reggie Miller 21.03 ppg.

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