Top 10 Centers 90s

There wasn’t an era in NBA history that had so many great big men playing against each other. The 90s it was first of all the era of the Bulls and Michael Jordan and then the era of the great Centers. Many teams had the luxury of building a team around a great big-man in the paint and most of these teams played a protagonistic role throughout the 90s. The Rockets, the Spurs, the Knicks, the Magic and the Heat were some of them. my favourite player was a center of that era and he was one the basic reasons that I became a fan of the NBA. This made it even more difficult to rank the top ten for this position but I tried to be as objective as I could be and although my main man was and is David Robinson I have to admit that Hakeem ‘The Dream’ (a bad dream for me and other Spurs’ fans) Olajuwon was the best Center of the 90s. The magical with the 90s era is that, basketball evolved is such a way that almost every top player could easily be nominated for the best ever in his position. It was a golden era and we were so lucky, I haven’t seen Wilt Chamberlain neither Bill Russell play, I haven’t seen Kareem Abdul-Jabar or Moses Malone (I have seen all of them few times in documentaries or recorded games but I cannot say that I have an opinion on whether they are the best or not) but I have seen Hakeem Olajuwon dominating (in two years time) all the best Centers of his era which was an era with some of the best centers so, in my view Hakeem is the best Center that ever played the game, I have not seen anyone 7 feet tall do the things he did. I do though have a slight objection on my own conclusion, which is based on hypothesis about  a player from Lithuania named Arvydas Sabonis. I could and I do argue that if he wasn’t injured most of the time he could have been the best Center ever. Of course this is just a hypothesis and unfortunately we will never be able to test it.  Maybe in a parallel universe where he was healthy he did dominate.

1. Hakeem Olajuwon

2. David Robinson

3. Shaquille O’Neal

4. Patrick Ewing


5. Alonzo Mourning

6. Dikembe Mutombo

7. Brad Daugherty

8. Rik Smits

9. Vlade Divac

10. Rony Seikaly

Honourable mention: Kevin Willis, Robert Parish, Kevin Duckworth, Bison Dele, Pervis Ellison.

8 responses to “Top 10 Centers 90s

  1. Well, you seem to forgot one player. I can’t believe that you ranked Pervis Ellison, Kevin Duckworth, or even Rony Seikaly better than Arvydas Sabonis. He was a truly intelligent center, able to assist, similar to Divac, who played his role brilliantly during his time with Blazers. His stats ar even better than Divac had and only problem is that he came to the league so late. Even he played only 5 seasons during 90s, he was still by far better than players I mentioned…

    • Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately Sabonis played only four seasons in the 90s (1996-1999) and one of the rules for a player to be included in the top-10 list is to have played for at least five seasons during the 90s (as you can see in the ‘about’ section). So, if we hypothesize that he had played five seasons I would have ranked him as probably the 7th best center of the 90s. Of course if he did not have any issues with injuries, I strongly believe that he would have been a top-3.

  2. Dan Medsker

    Who do u consider the Sonics center? Kemp guarded mpst of them , unless their PF was better( Malone, Duncan etc\

    • sotirisf

      They had some mediocre centers such as Ervin Johnson, Sam Perkins and Frank Brickowski. However, Sam Perkins was not that bad but he was a different type of center, not so much a post player.

  3. Tim Duncan

    Mark Eaton should be on this list.

  4. jon

    no Kevin Willis? that dude was nasty.

    • Willis was good but I do not think he was better than any of the guys in the top-10. In today’s NBA, I think that he could be a top-5 center but not in the 90s. Thanx for the comment.

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