Top 10 Power Forwards 90s

During the 90s we had the opportunity to watch two of the best Power Forwards that ever played the game and few others that impacted the game. Karl Malone was the best of all of them and there is an ongoing debate on whether he was the best ever, I consider Tim Duncan as the best ever. Karl Malone was the definition of power and even though I do not consider him as the best Power Forward that ever played I believe that his photo and resume could easily be inducted in an encyclopedia under the word Power Forward. The second best, in a really close battle for number 1, was Charles Barkley. Barkley was real basketball phenomenon that was obviously short to play the power forward position (1.98m, 6’6) but was such a powerful and passionate player that overcame that disadvantage and dominated.

1. Karl Malone

2. Charles Barkley

3. Shawn Kemp

4. Dennis Rodman

5. Derrick Coleman

6. Clifford Robinson

7. Chris Webber

8. Larry Johnson

9. Vin Baker

10. Danny Manning

Honourable Mention: Tom Gugliotta, Juwan Howard, Horace Grant, Christian Leatner, Otis Thorpe.

7 responses to “Top 10 Power Forwards 90s

  1. Dan Medsker

    Finally a good list, although Coleman is to high & take Vin off the list.
    Malone and Barkley , no question! So I assume David Robinson is a Center here.
    Kemp was my favorite player when he was with the Sonics! People let the bad outweigh the good. Kemp was Seattle’s #2 all time rebounder ,#1 all time in blocks and 5th all time in scoring. He was 3rd in the league 3 times and in the top 5 from age 20-28 while in Seattle. In other words he out rebounded all the great PF’s and centers of that period regularly,except Rodman. Including Shaq, Ewing,Hakeem,Robinson, Malone,Barkley etc.. played Center as needed and matched upwell in the era of Great PF’s. We measure greatness by whole careers,though they are all different lengths. If you look at Kemp while in Seattle,he out rebounded all PF’s except Rodman (but outscored Rodman by 15pts per game). So who was better then?

    • sotirisf

      Thanks for the comments. I consider David Robinson as a center, however, I can understand why some people thought of him as a forward because of his athleticism. In my view, he was definitely a center and one of the best ever. Shawn Kemp was truly great as a Sonic, and he was not bad either as a Cavalier at least the first two years. A great talent with unbelievable natural abilities. Seattle did not have any good centers, players like Ervin Johnson, Sam Perkins and Frank Brickowski were never reliable centers. So, yes Shawn was indeed guarding the centers such as Robinson, Olajuwon, Ewing etc. and he did quite successfully. In my opinion he was the third best power forward of the 90s and I would certainly choose him instead of Rodman. Regarding Coleman, I think you are a bit unfair, as he had some really good seasons with the Nets and he was not bad as a Sixer. If you think about it throughout the 90s he was a top-5 power forward. Vin Baker on the other hand showed a lot of promise as a Buck and played at a really high level as a Sonic in his first year, at least. I think you don’t like him because Seattle traded Kemp for him, but he was a top-10 power forward. I think the only player that I may deserved to be on that list and is not, is Horace Grant. He was a reliable power forward throughout his whole career, even as a Laker.

  2. Attan

    What about Dino Radja? He was a monster back then.

    • Radja was really good for the Celtics, but he played only four seasons during the decade and I have set a minimum of five years for a player to be included in the rankings. However, I am planning to make a new top-ten for the best international players played in the 90s, in which he will definitely be included – the minimum of five years will be reduced to three for that particular list.

  3. Austin Papenbrock

    Clifford Robinson was a small forward for most of the decade.

    • I agree. Thanx for this. I guess I got confused because he ended his career as a power forward. A good opportunity to make some changes in my rankings.

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