Top 10 Shooting Guards 90s

There were many good shooting guards in the NBA during the 90s and it was pretty challenging to rank them from number 2 to number 10, especially from 2-5 that are occupied by players of similar abilities. You see number 1 spot was occupied, there wasn’t even the slightest doubt in my mind that Michael Jordan was the best shooting guard of the 90s. In fact in my view is not hyperbolic to say that he was not just the best shooting guard or player (independently of the position he played) of the 90s era but the best that ever played the game of basketball. The way I see it, it  will be really difficult for another player to surpass Michael Jordan’s impact on the game of basketball. There are two special guys that could have easily be included to that list but unfortunately for all of us and most of all for themselves, God had other plans; I am talking about Reggie Lewis and Drazen Petrovic. They left this world and the NBA world pretty early and through this blog I am going to pay tribute to their memory as the least thing that I can do for their basketball abilities.

1. Michael Jordan

2. Clyde Drexler

3. Reggie Miller

4. Mitch Richmond

5. Joe Dumars

6. Latrell Sprewell

7. Steve Smith

8. John Starks

9. Jeff Hornacek

10.  Dan Majerle

Honourable mention: Isaiah Rider, Kendall Gill, Jimmy Jackson, Hersey Hawkins, Allan Houston.

8 responses to “Top 10 Shooting Guards 90s

  1. David

    How can you not have Drazen Petrovic on this list… Anyone who can join the 50/40/90 club is killer, not to mention drop 40 on Jordan and numerous other 40 plus point games across his sadly brief NBA career. Miller and Larry Bird called him the best shooter they have ever seen. He is in the Hall of Fame too. How about your other selections?
    FYI, I like your list (apart from the glaring omission of Petrovic), and I dare say Sprewell (placed above Dumars?!?), Gill and Isaiah Rider shouldn’t be anywhere near it.

    • Thanks for the comments. Drazen Petrovic would definitely be in the list if he had played for at least five seasons during the 90s, but unfortunately he played only four. This is one of the rules that I have set in order to rank the players, as you can see in the ‘about’ page of the blog. In the same way Arvidas Sabonis is not included in the top 10 centers list. I was actually thinking of making a list to include all these players like Petrovic, Sabonis, Reggie Lewis etc. Regarding Sprewell, I have to say that it was a difficult decision and it was mostly based on the fact that in the second half of the decade Dumars’ role was diminished to that of a role player.

    • Hi again. You made me think a lot about the Sprewell over Dumars thing. I’ve finally decided to put Dumars in no.5 and Sprewell in no.6. You were right I did what everybody is doing with Joe Dumars; I have underestimated him. Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Oscar

    how do you leave out Anfernee Hardaway, a perennial All-Star, or how about Jimmy Jackson? Glenn Rice? Detlef Schrempf? Chris Mullin, one of the 50 Greatest and Hall of Famer? Eddie Jones? Ron Harper? I’ll take any of these guys over Latrell Sprewell or Jeff Hornacek who was more of a point guard than shooting guard really. When Stockton wasnt running the pick and roll with Malone, guess who was. You can’t forget about Grant Hill or Derek Harper. These guys were lethal against Michael and the Bulls. Basically, I think this needs a few tweaks but I can’t argue against Petro or Lewis. Both are deserving legends.

    • Thanks for you comment. I think that you should take a look at the top-10s of the other positions in my blog, in which you will find most of the players that you are talking about. Glen Rice, Detlef Schrempf, Grant Hill and Chris Mullin, for example, used to play the small forward position and not the two-guard. Anfernee Hardaway on the other hand was mostly a point guard during the 90s and he clearly moved to the shooting-guard spot when he was traded to Phoenix. The fact that Hornacek had playmaking skills does not mean that he was not a shooting guard. In fact he was the starting shooting guard in each of the teams that he played in the 90s (suns, sixers, jazz) with some great numbers. Jimmy Jackson and Ron Harper were not that good, in my view. Eddie Jones just wasn’t a top-10 shooting guard in the 90s, maybe in the next decade. Finally, Derek Harper was a point guard and not a top-10.

  3. timo1986

    Here’s my list 90’s shooting guards:
    1. MJ
    2. Clyde
    3. Miller
    4. Richmond
    5. Spree
    6. Starks
    7. Majerle/Hornacek
    8. Hawkins/Gill
    9. Dumars
    10. Smith/Rider

  4. timo1986

    Correction: 4. Petrović/Richmond

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