Top 10 Point Guards 90s

The first position of the best players of the 90s, that I will rank on this blog, is the position of the Point Guard. John Stockton was the greatest point guard of his time and certainly one of the best ever. At the end of the ranking there are five more point guards, in random order, that I believe they should be mentioned as they performed on a high-level throughout 90s.

1. John Stockton

2. Gary Payton

3. Kevin Johnson

4. Tim Hardaway

5. Anfernee Hardaway

6. Jason Kidd

7. Mark Price

8. Mark Jackson

9. Kenny Anderson

10. Mookie Blaylock

Honorable Mention: Rod Strickland, Terrell Brandon, Terry Porter, Michael Adams, Derek Harper.

The above rankings express my views. Why don’t you cast your vote and tell who you think was the best point guard of the 90s?

9 responses to “Top 10 Point Guards 90s

  1. Dan Medsker

    Great list

  2. reptile

    thats a tough tough list to do once you get passed the first 7 guys you have so many tough picks the guys you put in the honorable mention all could of made the list as well Nick Van Exel, Sam Cassell, Mugsy Bogues all could of rounded out the 9th or 10th spot on this list

  3. AJ

    Isiah Thomas should be on this list he was a 4 time all-star in the 90s.

    • Thanx for the comment. Isiah is a weird case, because he played five seasons during the 90s (1990-1994) but he missed many games due to injuries and I decided to leave him out, to do not disrespect him. I agree that technically he should be in the top-10 and even though I think of him as an 80s player I think I am going to include him.

  4. Derrick Painter

    Stockton should be the only player on the list…lol

  5. Jesse ricker

    Terrel Brandon

    • Yes I know at some point SLAM called him the best pg in the league. However, this was in 1998, which means he lacked the longevity of other players in the list. He was probably better than Blaylock or Jackson.

  6. Slick DeNiro

    Van Exel?

    • Well Van Exel could have been included in this list as well as othes like Abdul Rauf or Brandon but unfortunately in a top ten there is always some players that won’t make the list for one reason or the other.

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